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More photogenic that way! Here is a parts drawing to help you on your way. New Departure Hub Schematics - Dave's Vintage Bicycles Start by removing the lock nut on the brake arm side Remove the brake arm and dust cover Qatar Man Dating Site holding the disc support sleeve, unscrew the axle from the drive side of the hub.

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Once the axle has been removed, turn the sprocket counterclockwise to remove the driver. Now, support the disc support sleeve and turn Qatar Man Dating Site side of the wheel down to slide the remaining components out. Take all of your parts and separate the individual pieces. Drop 'em all into a container of your solvent of choice.

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Pop open a frosty beverage and start scrubbing the hub shell if it is still laced to the wheel. Once you have everything clean it should look like this And this is the order it should be arranged in once it is assembled To start putting it back together, begin by assembling the brake clutch, transfer spring, and clutch sleeve.

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Grease well and drop into the hub clutch sleeve first. Next stack your steel and bronze disc.

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The stack should have a steel disc on top and bottom when done. Oil the stack with some clean motor oil and align the tabs on the bronze discs. I found the easiest way to get the stack into the hub was to split it in half.

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After you get the stack into the hub, grease your bearing and set it in the race. Grease the disc support sleeve and slowly twist it through the stack of disc. About The Bike Shed And why would a bicycle museum sell their bicycles online?

Just read the section: Why buy a bike from the online bicycle museum".

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Last time I checked a museum is not in the business of selling their collection, just try buying a bike from the Canada Science nd Technology Museum and see what they tell you.

Opinions are more than welcome on this site, particularly those that are well-informed as Wayne's are.

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Anyone looking to eliminate such will have to look elsewhere. I think most Museums are a money lossing battle without goverment money,unless the owner has loads of it.

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Townsend, of the New Departure Manufacturing Co. Copeland, of the Pope Manufacturing Co. These issued as patents, respectively, in, and It is stated that the Qatar Man Dating Site patent, No. The catalog of the Pope Manufacturing Co. New Departure was actually an automobile-oriented machine operation in Bristol, Conn.

Hyslop Most of the parts in these hubs had automotive-grade manufacturing behind them.

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The bearings are especially durable and smooth. They run smoother generally than modern coaster brake hubs by KT and Shimano do. Do not treat the hub as a junker- they're great running hubs.

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You'll be surprised how smooth and reliable the hub is once it's back in running condition. I have a complete Mead cat. Early inthe company created the so-called.

New Departure Duplex, P. This was on one of Blue's Racycles so I have added it to the list until an ad can be found. While waiting for others to post here's another just for fun Corbin pic The condition is fair-good, the dimensions are 6 x 9 inches, photo Bill Smith just posted this on the Wheelmen site: Dave, Great post on hubs.

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I have searched through my Iver Johnson and Lovell Diamond catalogs with many of the early ones containing a lot of bicycle sundries. I think this Model must have ran through If you compare the Model C and D, it is very evident that the D has many more braking washers than the C, giving a much better braking ability. The Ward's Catalog now has the Model D in a chrome finish.

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