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Huntington perceived European unity in his book Clash of Civilizations In the introduction I showed what was the basis of this book by Huntington and I set out the purpose of this In the introduction I showed what was the basis of this book by Huntington and I set out the purpose of this study: to analyze what Huntington says about European unity and about the European Union and to what extent his statements are confirmed 24 years after the Writing of the Clash civilizations.

I then presented "the three phases of human history after Huntington" to show that from a civilization point of view, Europe was never united.

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After Vreau să cunosc un tip brief presentation of the essential role of religion in civilizations, I briefly set out how Huntington describes the main European civilizations: Western civilization and Orthodox civilization.

The relative incompatibility of Orthodox civilization with democracy ST- EUSTATACA DATING SITE its association with Muslim rather than Western civilization would, according ST- EUSTATACA DATING SITE Huntington, be the main problems of European unity and implicitly of the European Union.

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For Huntington the borders of the European Union should stop at the borders of Western civilization. He is skeptical about the admission of the majority Orthodox countries.

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The fact that since the writing of the Clash of Civilizations and until today three predominantly Orthodox countries have been admitted, it does not mean, in my opinion, that Huntington's opinion on the enlargement of the European Union is not shared by its strategies, but rather that these strategies believe that anyone can be integrated into the European Union, regardless of their civilization, provided they are subjected, both before and after, to an intense secularization process.

Decreasing the intensity of the discourse and discussions about Europe's Judeo-Christian roots, including in the Christian media, is not good luck.

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It is the author's conviction that it is possible to be both an Orthodox confessor and a pro-European. The last two chapters contain brief references to NATO and how "the clash of civilizations" relates to the situation of Romania.

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Page Numbers: Publication Name: Relevanța Bisericii Ortodoxe în cultura română: interferențe, inter-ortodoxe și inter-creștine Research Interests:.