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    It is the effect of the increased costs resulted from accumulated payments that became due under less favourable circumstances. The extra 24 billion lei collected by the state were spent on staff expenditure almost 13 billion lei moresocial assistance 8.

    Learning from Dr. Învăţând de la Dr. Lernen von Dr.

    More than 6 billion lei were spent on capital expenditure, goods and services, and only 1. Current account deficit in the first 9 months in The current account of the payment balance had in the first 9 months in a deficit of 6.

    Fidelio Dating Agency.

    It is already 3. It is unlikely to have a deficit of only 0.

    Элвин слегка поклонился в знак благодарности. Огромные двери распахнулись, и он вышел из зала. Джезерак сопровождал. Когда двери опять задвинулись, Элвин повернулся к наставнику. - Как ты думаешь, что сейчас предпримет Совет.

    While the exchange of goods with other countries resulted into 1. Other services Fidelio Dating Agency.

    Fidelio Dating Agency.

    better performance and brought extra 2. Table no.

    Fidelio Dating Agency.

    Unfortunately, regarding the secondary revenue, where we find the amounts transferred by Romanians who work abroad, the positive balance decreased significantly, with million euro.

    While the funds sent to Romania decreased from 3, million euro to 3, million eurothe funds sent from Romania increased from 1, million euro to 1, million euro.

    Fidelio Dating Agency.

    The balance of the long term deposits of non-residents were above the level of 2, million euro on Their corresponding foreign debt was approx. Capital participations including the net estimated reinvested profit were 3, million euro, and the intra-group loans were million euro.

    While the medium and long term debt decreased with 0. The payments corresponding to the debt exceeded 44 billion euro.

    Время его существования, вероятно, превысило длительность всей прежней истории человечества. Однако в той истории были - по крайней мере так принято считать - многие тысячи самостоятельных культур и цивилизаций, продержавшихся какое-то время, а затем исчезнувших. Как Диаспар достиг свой необычайной стабильности.

    The coverage of the imports of goods and services remained at 4.